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Server Description


- Client Launcher.

- 100% Uptime.

- Ultra-fast Dedicated Server Hosting.

- Presets.

- PvP Zones.

- Automated Tournaments.

- Donator Shops.

- PKP Store.

- Gambling Zone.

- Duel Arena.

- PvP Tasks - Quite like Wilderness Slayer however the tasks are to be completed in combat PvP.

- Custom Pk Zones.

- Website Voting Integration

- Website Donate Integration

- Custom Gamemodes

- OSRS Combat

- Excusive Donator Perks

- Perfect Hybridding

- Raids

- Player Owned Shops

- 100+ Custom Pets.

- All Boss and Skilling pets ingame.

- Wilderness Events such as Blood Key and Skotizio.

And many more features to be added to this list which we have ingame. Come and play RevengePS now, Where Legends Are Born.

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