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Nebula is a brand new OSRS revision RSPS. We strive to become the best possible server out there to suite everyones needs. Packed with tons of content so you don/t get bored, osrs combat formulas for perfect hybridding. Features: - Client Launcher. - 100% Uptime. - Brand New Never Seen Before Honor Mode! - Ultra-fast Dedicated Server Hosting. - Presets. - PvP Zones. - Automated Tournaments. - Donator Shops. - PKP Store. - Gambling Zone. - Duel Arena. - PvP Tasks - Quite like Wilderness Slayer however the tasks are to be completed in combat PvP. - Custom Pk Zones. - Website Voting Integration - Website Donate Integration - Custom Gamemodes - OSRS Combat - Excusive Donator Perks - Perfect Hybridding - Raids - Player Owned Shops - 100+ Custom Pets. - All Boss and Skilling pets ingame. - Wilderness Events such as Blood Key and Skotizio. And many more features to be added to this list which we have ingame

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